My Tech Tips

What Computer Do I Buy? (101)

A common Question I get is "What Computer do I buy?". I decided that it might be better to give people the tools to know what they're looking for rather than tell them what they need. Watch the videos first. Check out the additional explanations and references below if you still have questions. Hope these help!

One thing I did not cover when I did these videos is navigating the various generations of processors from mainline chip makers like Intel. I found a page with a pretty good breakdown to understand the differences and linked to it below in case you would like a little more explanation.

If you've watched the videos and want to dig deaper, here are some helpful explanations for the fundamental components of a computer:

A computer typically consists of several components (see animation below):

Laptop Hinge Repair (101)

Ever had stiff hinge issues causing cracking and damage to your laptop with a plastic frame? 

Fix your cracking laptop, and don't let an overly tight laptop hinge rob your laptop of its life potential.  Check this out for a quick tutorial on how to diagnose and repair.